You’re a can-do kinda guy. A problem solver. The sort of person that people turn to when something’s broken, or not working. But you’re more than just a handy man or DIY enthusiast, you’re a…

Leatherman owner!

If the above title applies to you, then you’ve no doubt wondered what lube is best for your multi-tool.

At first, a penetrating oil may seem like the logical solution… something along the lines of Q20, or even our Q10 spray… but the truth is that you really need a machine oil.

But, before we get to that, let’s take a closer look at the design and construction of most common-use multi-tools.

Generally speaking, multi-tool products are manufactured from 100% high-grade stainless steel, but it should be noted that the screws and/or bolts & nuts that hold the tool together are usually made from tool steel – which means that they’re susceptible to rust.

A major misconception about stainless steel is that it’s completely rustproof, although in actual fact, it’s corrosion-resistant.

The type of metal alloys used within the stainless steel will determine whether the steel is highly corrosion-resistant and relatively soft, or only partly corrosion-resistant and relatively hard.

In the case of most Leatherman products and other multi-tools, the stainless-steel material is usually quite hard, making it resistant to wear and tear, denting, and premature dulling of the knife edge.

That said, if there is no proper maintenance, your multi-tool may show signs of corrosion. This is especially true for those that belong to fishermen and/or boating enthusiasts.

In terms of oiling the tool and keeping it corrosion-free, we recommend the use of a dedicated machine oil − and there’s no better lube for the job than Q-IN-ONE.

Best oil or lubrication for leatherman

Thanks to its special formulation, Q-IN-ONE is the ideal lubricant for multi-tools which have pivot points, hinging joints and other machine-like properties. It will also help to keep your tool corrosion-free, while serving as a purpose-made oil for whet-stone sharpening.

Best of all, the 100ml bottle will comfortably slot into most toolboxes and/or glove compartments, so your trusty Leatherman should never go dry.

best whet-stone sharpening oil
Q-IN-ONE is perfect for whet-stone sharpening and many other household uses.
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