WHY Q20?

The Key product in the Q Range is Q20, the Leading Moisture Repellent for protecting and removing moisture from wet ignition systems on Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Marine Engines and Electric Motors.

Q20 overcomes and prevents stubborn starting and stalling in damp climates and heavy downpours. Its unique penetrating power makes it ideal as a release agent and light duty lubricant for use in the Home, Garage and Workshop.

Q20 is Silicone Free.

Q20 leads the pack when it comes to Multi Purpose Lubricants. This product displaces moisture, stops rust in its tracks, protects and lubricates all household and industrial items.


  • Q20 A useful rust preventive for any exposed metal specifically protects tools from corrosion
  • Q20 Excellent lubrication for all ball-bearings and chains E.g.: roller blades, skateboards, lawnmowers, bicycles
  • Q20 Extends life of exterior lights bulbs by 30% ( spray on electrode contacts to displace water and prevent electrical shorting)
  • Q20 Facilitates movement and prevents grating of door hinges
  • Q20 Loosens locks and prevents any squeaking
  • Q20 Lubricates and protects firearms ( recommended by Defence Force)
  • Q20 Lubricates catches
  • Q20 Prevents moisture forming in electrical motors – especially power tools
  • Q20 Prevents rust inside car doors
  • Q20 Prevents seizing of electrical contacts
  • Q20 Protects the chassis and undercarriage of vehicles, in particular 4-wheel drives – a necessity at coastal resorts
  • Q20 Removes ink from leather jackets
  • Q20 Removes tar from bodywork of car
  • Q20 Repels moisture and protects outboard motors
  • Q20 Rids corrosion in circuitry and maintains efficient conduction of electrical current
  • Q20 Spray on tracks of sliding doors to ensure ease of movement
  • Q20 Useful in aquarium light fittings which are subject to corrosion
  • Q20 Displaces and prevents moisture in ignition systems ( will remove water from a distributor and help you start your car ) , Keeps your spark plugs working perfectly
  • Q20 removes chewing gum from carpeting


  • Q-IN-ONE can be used with great success to lubricate all moving parts on your bicycle – due to its low viscosity, Q IN ONE will run down your brake cable and lubricate
  • Q-IN-ONE is non-staining and can be used around the house without worrying about unsightly oil marks
  • Q-IN-ONE is perfect for using on a wet stone to sharpen knives
  • Q-IN-ONE is used by Leatherman to lubricate all moving parts
  • Q-IN-ONE oil is ideal to lubricate high revving motors. Great for sewing machines (Non staining) Hair clippers and pneumatic tools


  • Q5 also contains a high grade rust solvent, and is ideal for loosening seized, nuts bolts and fittings fast. A dry film of lubricant remains
  • Qcan be sprayed directly onto squeaky brakes on your vehicle and helps reduce the noise
  • Qis the ideal spray for locks. Graphite repels dust and leaves a dry lubricating film behind


  • Qcan be used as a dashboard spray – spray onto a cloth first and wipe on
  • Qcan be used as a tyre cleaner and protector – spray directly onto tyre side walls and wipe in
  • Qcan be used as a welding anti-spatter spray – spray the weld line before welding and get a clean professional-looking weld seam
  • Qcan be used to lubricate and protect electrical systems
  • Qcan be used to waterproof fabric i.e. : Tent seams can be sprayed


  • Q10 contains a high grade rust solvent, and breaks down rust fast. Use on all seized and rusted, nuts, bolts and fittings


  • Q12 can be used to rejuvenate those old steel birds you have purchased at the side of the road! Paint on – Leave for 30 minutes and clean with water – they can then be varnished to give them that “”new”” look!