When it comes to camping, few things are worse than a stubborn tent zip, particularly if it’s raining… or worse yet, if you’re camping in big-five territory.

Of course, budget zips are generally to blame, but aside from build quality, dust is often the culprit.

That said, you should avoid using a multipurpose oil on any tent zip, as this will serve to attract dust and lead to future problems.

On that note, Q-SILICONE SPRAY is an anti-static lubricant, which means it repels dust, rather than attracts it. The formula is also non-staining, so if you do accidentally get the solution of the tent’s fabric, you should be able to wash it out.


  • Don’t over do the application; you only need a small amount of silicone to get the zip running smoothly.
  • Squirt Q-SILICONE down the front end of the slider and work the zip up and down until the teeth are evenly coated.
  • Never force a stuck zip.
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