Choosing a cleaning product that’s safe to use on electronic equipment can be a scary “guessing game”.

Things like laptops, phones, TVs and cameras are often sensitive to water-based cleaners, as well as being susceptible to solvent damage, too.

The problem with water-based cleaners is that many leave a soapy film and, if not removed properly, may attract more dirt in the future. This film can also reduce the clarity of your camera lens/TV/laptop picture.

While solvent-based cleaners are generally more effective at stripping off grease and grime, they can react badly with certain plastics if left on for too long. This reaction may damage sensitive plastics, paints, coatings, films, and rubber components.

So, what’s the solution?

ENTER: CRC Industries’ QD Contact Cleaner, a high-purity solvent cleaner specially formulated for sensitive electronics and electrical equipment.

The name ‘QD’ is short for ‘Quick Drying’, so there’s little risk of the solvent sticking around and causing damage. QD Contact Cleaner immediately evaporates when applied and leaves no film or residue after blasting away dirt and grime.

On that note, for heavily-contaminated appliances thickly covered with dirt or dust, you may need to wipe the component shortly after applying QD Contact Cleaner. However, be sure to have a cloth nearby because the fast-evaporating cleaner may disappear before you get a chance to wipe it.

The quick-dry formula is the secret to QD Contact Cleaner’s success and safe use on various electronic devices. This feature allows you to apply QD Contact Cleaner liberally to electrical appliances and circuits without worrying about damaging sensitive components.

The only catch is that: QD Contact Cleaner must not be applied to energised equipment. So, unplug the device from its battery/power source before spraying. 


QD Contact Cleaner is ideal for applications where sensitive plastics are present

  • Contacts
  • Switches
  • Sensors
  • Relays
  • Motor controls
  • Cameras
  • PCs
  • Telephones
  • Circuit boards


1.     Spray liberally on the surface to be cleaned and allow runoff. Use the extension tube for precise applications.

2.     Use an abrasive on surfaces with carbon deposits or oxidation; remove residue with intermittent spray. Re-lubricate with CRC 2-26 if necessary.

3.     Do not spray on energised electrical equipment or circuits. De-activate before applying the product and extinguish all flames, pilot lights and heaters.

4.     Use with adequate ventilation and maintain ventilation until vapours are gone.

5.     Allow the component to dry thoroughly before reactivating systems.

6.     Observe care when applying to highly sensitive plastics, adhesive-mounted or stressed parts.

Click here for more information on QD Contact Cleaner

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