Although most multi-purpose oils are great at freeing locks and making them operate smoothly again, the problem with wet lubricants is that they tend to attract dust.

Of course, dirt and oil don’t mix, so it’s only a matter of time before the lock gets sticky again.

Fortunately, solvent-based oils like Q20 feature a powerful cleaning solution that helps flush dirt and dust out of the locking mechanism.

However, flushing the lock may not guarantee results and isn’t always possible, which is why Q-Graphite Spray is the correct product to use when lubricating locks, padlocks, key-operated ignition systems, and other locking mechanism.


Graphite powder is a highly effective dry lubricant that’s ideal for locks and other intricate components which would normally be dust and/or wet-oil sensitive.

However, applying pure graphite powder in hard-to-reach places, particularly locks, is often impossible!

This is where Q-Graphite is unique because, thanks to its solvent-based solution, it can seep into hard-to-reach places deep within the lock’s tiny components and moving parts. The liquid solvent then rapidly evaporates, leaving only a dry graphite powder.

In short, the solvent solution acts as an easy-to-apply aerosol liquid that delivers the graphite to tight spaces. Once the liquid evaporates – which happens quickly – only graphite powder remains. What’s more, because graphite powder is a dry lubricant and doesn’t attract dirt and dust, you can expect long-term lubrication and reliability.

Q-Graphite is also ideal for vehicle locks and key-operated ignition systems, where reliability is paramount and the risk of oil / dust contamination is non-negotiable.

So, if you have stiff outdoor locks, or a vehicle ignition system that needs long-term lubrication, consider Q-Graphite – the smart way to get graphite powder into hard-to-reach places.

Q-Graphite was first established in 1970 as Q5, but has since been rebranded Q-Graphite and is available at leading hardware stores nationwide.

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