Although gun owners have used multipurpose oils for many years to maintain their firearms, caution should be taken when using any solvent-based oil on a polymer-made component.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to know which plastics will react badly to which chemicals. Still, as polymer technology evolves and becomes commonplace in the design and manufacturing of firearms, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Fortunately, Q20’s new purposefully engineered Q-GUN removes the guesswork from your firearm maintenance routine by offering a solution that’s specially formulated to be plastic safe while providing the three keys elements of good gun care: 

• Cleanliness

• Protection

• Lubrication


Most gun owners know that firearms require surprisingly little lubrication. A small quantity of oil must be accurately applied where it’s most needed. 

But aside from a precise application, the oil must also be able to endure extreme speeds and forces, as well as exposure to high temperatures. 

Moreover, corrosion resistance is vital for any self-defence firearm owner who wishes to carry a pistol every day. In these circumstances, your chosen lubricant must have excellent corrosion-resistant properties that protect against body sweat and moisture.

Lastly, a dirty firearm is unreliable, which is why Q-Gun’s triple-action formula is designed to break down carbon deposits without risking damage to plastic components. 

Whether you’re a hunter, sport shooter, law-enforcement officer, or a responsible gun owner who believes in the right to self-protection, you need a firearm that works when you need it… and oil that works to keep it that way.

Enquire at your local gun store for more information and pricing.

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