The accumulation of dirt, grime and contaminants in your vehicle’s electrical system may eventually lead to contact failure and malfunction. For this reason, it’s important to clean your vehicle’s electronic contacts from time to time, and to consider using Di-Electric grease in your maintenance programme.

CRC’s technician-grade Di-Electric Grease seals, protects, lubricates, insulates, and prevents water from getting into electrical connections and contacts, thereby preventing corrosion.

Corrosion will eventually damage your vehicle’s wiring system and possibly result in an all-out malfunction. What’s more, corrosion on lamp connectors may cause bulbs to burn hotter than they should, which in turn shortens their lifespan.


Before applying CRC’s Di-Electric Grease first make sure that your vehicle’s power supply is off, and allow all hot surfaces to cool. Clean each contact area with CRC’s powerful, but plastic safe QD Electronic Cleaner, and then apply the Di-Electric Grease.

Simply squeeze the bottle’s application trigger to dispense the grease and apply an even coat to electrical connections and contacts. You can use it on circuit breakers, ignition coil connectors, HEI distributors, plastic and rubber parts, as well as fasteners and o-rings.

CRC’s Di-Electric Grease is also great for spark plug boots where the rubber meets the porcelain. It can help prevent fusing between surfaces and potentially stop arcing between the boot and the metal part of the spark plug.


Di-Electric Grease is also perfect for trailer harnesses and trailer lighting. It will not only prevent bonding so that components are easily removed later on, it can also extend lamp life.

Lastly, you can use CRC’s Di-Electric Grease on many outdoor applications around your home, too, such as: Outdoor power points, lamps, tools, and pumps.

Di-Electric Grease serves to improve electrical performance, while providing critical protection against rain, fog, and condensation caused by temperature fluctuations.

The winning combination between CRC’s QD Electronic cleaner and Di-Electric Grease may help to extend the life of sensitive electronic equipment; thereby saving you money and repair hassles further down the road.

Click here for more information on CRC’s Di-Electric Grease, or call (011) 452 7048 to find a distributor near you.

CRC’s Di-Electric Grease is available as a Food Safe (H1) product

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