Question: Which Q-Product is best for bicycle chains?

Answer: Q-BIKE

Yep, the name says it all. Unlike most multipurpose oils, Q-BIKE is specifically formulated for bicycle chains.

So how does it differ to other lubes?

Well, most multipurpose oils are ‘wet lubes’, meaning, they’re oil-based (liquid) lubricants, whereas, Q-BIKE is a wax-based ‘dry lubricant’.

Dry lubricants are generally better in dry environments where dust and dirt tend to gather around wet-oily components. This oil-and-dirt combination can lead to premature component wear.

In contrast, Q-BIKE’s wax-based formula is anti-static, which means it repels dust, protects the chain from contamination, and tends to stick around for longer.

However, there are several more benefits to using Q-Bike, such as biodegradability, and the fact that the water-resistant formula is less likely to come off and contaminate the environment (think of an oily chain riding through a river crossing).


  • Make sure your bicycle chain is clean before applying Q-BIKE.
  • There’s no need to apply too much wax to the chain. Simply rotate the pedals while applying a thin layer of lubricant.
  • Remember to clean your bike and chain frequently, and reapply fresh lube each time you do.
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