Exactly 70 years ago, a local inventor from Pinetown (South Africa) formulated a special blend of chemicals that would prevent vehicle breakdowns in wet weather. Little did William Robertson know that his creation of a multipurpose oil would one day be found in homes throughout South Africa, and be exported to 30 countries world-wide.

However, his invention was not intended to win global acclaim, but to prevent his daughter’s VW Beetle from continually breaking down in rainy weather. In 1950, with that in mind, he set about creating a multi-purpose spray that would provide “20 answers to 20 questions”, while simultaneously repelling moisture, cleaning components, lubricating moving parts, and preventing corrosion.

Today, we know that product as ‘Q20’, and as Popular Mechanics has pointed out, it is one of South Africa’s most iconic brands. More recently, the company has expanded its product range to include several other chemical solutions, in the form of a powerful rust-remover, a graphite spray, a silicon spray, a low-solvent cleaner, and many more.

So, in celebration of this 70-year platinum milestone − in the year 2020! − we’ve launched a limited number of Heritage cans that contain 20% more volume for FREE!

So, be on the look-out for Q20’s jumbo can at leading hardware stores nationwide, and let’s celebrate South African ingenuity and the actions of a caring father.


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