If you’re an automotive enthusiast or workshop owner, you’ll know that finding an effective way to clean vehicle parts is only half the problem; the bigger issue is disposing the toxic waste when you’re done.

Traditionally, paraffin baths have been the go-to solution for cleaning greasy components. But paraffin is also flammable, environmentally toxic, and a difficult substance to dispose of once saturated with gunk. These features make paraffin a poor choice in terms of disposal costs and transport fees, not to mention the time and inconvenience of having to deal with the waste.

Fortunately, there’s now a smarter way to clean vehicle parts thanks to CRC’s SmartWasher. 

The SmartWasher uses a scientific process called bioremediation, which means: It uses microbes to break down and neutralise hazardous substances and contaminants. 

How effective is it? Well, similar microbes have been used to clean up oil spills in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, which indicates just how environmentally friendly and effective the process is.  

The CRC SmartWasher consists of three main components: 

  1. The parts washer
  2. The OzzyJuice
  3. The OzzyMat 

OzzyJuice is a powerful water-based solution that’s non-hazardous, non-flammable, but tough on oil and grease.

The OzzyMat is the most important feature of the CRC system. Microbes, within the filter, are activated by the OzzyJuice. These microbes then work to break down the washed-off oil and grease and produce a harmless byproduct of carbon dioxide and water.

In short: OzzyJuice cleans the parts, and the microbes within the OzzyMat clean the OzzyJuice.

This bioremediation process keeps the OzzyJuice clean and strong for repeated uses.

Another great feature of the SmartWasher is that it’s fully mobile and easy to move around your workshop or garage area. 

So how does the SmartWasher work…

  • Pour in the OzzyJuice
  • Insert the OzzyMat
  • Plug the unit into an electricity supply and allow the fluid to heat up
  • Start cleaning!

You only need to change the OzzyMat once a month, and the OzzyJuice can be topped up when the ‘low-fluid light’ comes on. Following that, you’ll never have to worry about disposing or hauling toxic or flammable waste again. 

Bioremediation is the scientific choice that makes a positive impact on the environment and employee safety one part at a time.


Contact Louis Munnick at louis.munnick@crcind.com, or call (011) 452 7048 for distributor enquiries.

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