So, what’s the difference between QLEVER and Q20?

The short answer…

It’s the same tried & trusted formula that’s been lubricating, cleaning and protecting against moisture and corrosion for over 70 years.

The long answer…

While the contents of QLEVER is no different from regular Q20, the new nozzle / applicator makes QLEVER, well… “KLEVER”.

It’s no secret that trade professionals and contractors get frustrated when those little red nozzles are lost or misplaced – a regular occurrence if your job entails mobile site work and frequent Q20 use.

For these users, QLEVER provides a versatile nozzle solution where the spray pattern can be altered from a broad application (when the pipe is folded down) or switched to a more precise flow when the pipe is lifted up.

In addition, this flip-up / flip-down nozzle is permanently mounted to the aerosol can, which means it can’t be misplaced. What’s more, the cap features a lockable option: Push the cap forwards to unlock the aerosol or backwards to lock.

This lockable action prevents accidental spraying if your can of QLEVER spends most of its days rolling around a toolbox.

Push the cap forwards to unlock the nozzle, and backwards to prevent any accidental spray.

To top it off, all QLEVER products boast an additional 20% more volume.

On that note, QLEVER is sold as an optional alternative to regular Q20 aerosol products, where the formula is the same, but the cap and volume is different.

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