If you’re looking for an easy to use, but highly effective rust remover, then look no further than Q12, a rust-busting solution that’s been around since 1967!

Thanks to its formulated mixture of hydrochloric- and phosphoric acid, this jelly-like solution works by converting iron oxide (i.e. rust) into iron phosphate, which can then be washed off with soap and water.

Best applied with an old toothbrush or pain brush, Q12 can be poured, dipped or painted directly onto the rusted area.

Although there are advantages to prepping the surface beforehand with a wire brush, steel wool, or sand paper, it’s not entirely necessarily. In the case of severely corroded objects and heavy rust deposits, you can always reapply Q12 in a second application.

Depending on how bad the rust is, Q12 takes anywhere between 15- and 30-minutes to work, and, once the rust has dissolved, the product is easily washed off with clean water and/or a mild detergent.

NOTE: Q12 should not be used on certain types of stainless steel, or on chrome-plated surfaces. What’s more, when working with any acid-based product it is advisable to wear gloves and eye protection.

Available in 200ml bottles at leading hardware stores nationwide.

Call (011) 452 7048 to find a dealer near you.

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