While CRC Industries’ is best known for its professional range of industrial and automotive products, they’re also a global leader in food-processing lubricants – boasting more than 506 NSF-registered solutions.

This includes CRC’s Direct Contact Food Lube, specially formulated with high-quality ingredients safe for food processing facilities.

Unlike many other food lubes, CRC’s Direct Contact Food Lube boasts two NSF International ratings: H1 and 3H.


H1-rated products are multi-purpose lubes that provide long-term, stable lubrication of machine parts where incidental food contact may occur.

However, in addition to being safe for food processing facilities, CRC’s Direct Contact Food Lube provides excellent wear protection, reduces friction, and helps extend machinery life.

This, in turn, helps to minimise downtime and maintenance costs for food processing facilities.


3H lubricants are anti-stick release agents that prevent food from adhering to surfaces. These lubes are generally used on grills, ovens, loaf pans, boning benches, chopping boards and other hard surfaces that come in contact with food during processing.


Another benefit of CRC’s Direct Contact Food Lube is its ease of use. The lubricant comes in a convenient aerosol can with Perma-Lock Actuator, making it simple and accurate to apply.

This helps to reduce maintenance time and improve the overall efficiency of food processing facilities.

Other notable features include:

  • Non-toxic & safe for use in food production areas 

  • Broad temperature resistance of -10°C to 120°C 

  • Protects against corrosion 

  • Does not contain silicone 

  • Perma-Lock Actuator: locked in for safety 

  • Independently Halal certified

In short, CRC Industries’ Direct Contact Food Lube is an excellent choice for food processing facilities. The product is safe for use in direct contact with food, is highly effective at lubricating equipment, and is easy and accurate to apply.

These features, combined with the product’s NSF H1 and 3H rating, make it a top choice for food processing facilities looking to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

Click here for more information on CRC’s Direct Contact Food Lube, or contact Rick on 078 097 8028 for trade enquires.

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